Gaza Reality

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Gaza Reality

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Gaza Reality is filmed and edited in Gaza.
Click on the images below to watch videos about Gaza.

Jobs In Gaza
Jobs in Gaza
Music For Visually Impaired
Music for Visually Impaired
Gaza Home Gardens
Home Gardens
Preschool Renovation
Preschool Renovation
Sanabil Gaza Reality


Samah in Gaza

Thank you

Poultry Project - You Tube
Poultry Project

Doctor in Gaza
Doctor at Clinic

Gaza Music School
The Music School

Pianos delivered to Gaza
Pianos Delivered

Psychosocial Support - You Tube

Tent of Hope

Summer Camps - You Tube
Summer Camps

Living in tents - You Tube
Living in Tents

Ice Cream Factory - You Tube
Ice Cream Factory

Gaza statistics
Gaza Stats 2010
Life in Gaza
Life in Gaza
One year later
One Year Ago
Mud Houses - You Tube
Mud Houses