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Dear Friend,
Last month, ANERA delivered thousands of TOMS Shoes to preschoolers in Gaza. For many children, this was the first time they received a new pair of shoes.

Will you send a thank you message to TOMS Shoes?

On the day we were putting shoes on the children's feet, I had a hard time deciding who was the happiest. I think it was the mothers. They all were so grateful and pleased. Now their children will be walking to school with dry feet, safe from glass and other debris in the streets. 

Everyone was happy though, because it was much more than shoes we were celebrating. We were celebrating an act of kindness. 

I don't know how often you hear about the drones flying overhead every day, the ongoing blockade and restrictions on importing construction materials, or the families throughout Gaza who continue to suffer displacement and deep poverty. This is our life here and we wonder if anyone even remembers it is happening.

So when someone goes out of their way to do something kind and generous for our families here, we want our thank you to be heard loud and clear. Will you please join me in saying thank you to TOMS Shoes?

And thank you to you for keeping us in your thoughts. My family and families throughout Gaza are grateful for your care and support.

RaniaRania El-Helo
Public Relations and Media Officer
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